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Cellar62 is a b2b wine marketplace that allows European wineries to showcase their wines directly to US retail wine buyers. 

Cellar62 is fully integrated into a complete infrastructure to allow wineries to import, sell and market their wines successfully in the US market.

Our comprehensive system reduces the prices of European wines within the US supply chain to make them more competitive and more popular with consumers and retailers in the US.

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What Cellar62 offers

Showcase useful information to wine buyers
A winery microsite to introduce your wines, awards, ratings, and pricing to US retail wine buyers.

Brand communication
Communicate and discuss opportunities for your wines directly with retailers including label design.  Offer your entire portfolio instead of only a few wines.

Modern tools to promote and track your brand awareness
A mobile site for any wine carried by retailers in the US market is accessible via QR code to allow consumers access to information about the wine.

Business facilitated
Retail buyers can reach out directly to wineries and vice versa. Retail wine buyers can request specific wine categories from participating wineries to complete their portfolio.

Transparent pricing process
Display prices FOB US port to the entire supply chain instead of EXW.

Wine region promotion
Promote and educate US wine buyers about your wine-growing region.

Marketplace promotion
Cellar62 will be promoted to hundreds of retail wine buyers and media in the US market.

Direct access to US buyers
Access to lists of retailers and US retail wine buyer contacts.

Tools to help your business decisions
Access to information about the US alcohol regulatory and retail environment in all 48 continental states.

Private label 
Help with private brand and label creation and design for the US market.

Lower your sampling costs
Wine sample preparation and shipment.

Personalized onboarding
A Cellar62 onboarding specialist will help you to understand your market potential in the US wine market and take your brand presence to the next level.

Dedicated account manager
Get a dedicated success manager assigned to your profile who will ensure you get the most out of Cellar62.


Cellar62 is promoted to a large number of retailers in the US market. Retail buyers care about various things when selecting new wines for their stores.

A key concern is a good balance between quality and price. A great wine that is too expensive won’t sell well. That is why Cellar62 partners with Quality Brand Imports to lower the cost within the US supply chain.

Cellar62 is a facilitator, it allows wineries to market their wines directly to retailers, and allows the retailers to select a wholesaler of their choice to purchase the wines directly from the winery in Europe in many US states.

Reversing the supply chain demand flow reduces cost and greatly increases the likelihood that retailers select the wine if it is a good fit for their portfolio.

50 stars on the US flag and 12 stars on the EU flag = 62 stars. Cellar62!

Sevenscope in Portugal charges the fee to build, manage and run Cellar62 on behalf of the participating wineries, supporting all platform features and promotion to retailers. 

We are not part of the supply chain and we don’t make any money on the sale of the wine. Many wineries paying a relatively small amount for a microsite on Cellar62 allows Sevenscope to focus on what we do best – creating a presence for European vineyards that allows them to connect, reach and engage directly with US retail wine buyers. 

While Quality Brand Imports manage all regulatory issues, with no annual fees, they only ask for a small fee per bottle imported and submission of COLAs (CERTIFICATE OF LABEL APPROVALs).

Both companies have formed a partnership to offer wineries a turnkey service allowing them to market their wines directly to US retailers and wholesalers in many states.  

The import system created by Quality Brand Imports allows for the reversal of the supply chain demand flow and reduces cost and prices. 

Lower prices increase the probability that US retailers and US consumers will buy the wine again and again. Creating repeat customers for your wines is our goal.

Absolutely. But we go one step further. We create mobile pages for wines available in US retail – allowing consumers to access information about the wines while they are in the store or once they have purchased the wine. 

This allows wineries to connect directly with their most important customer – the consumer! 

Cellar62 will be introduced to hundreds of US retail wine buyers. Cellar62 provides interested wineries with a comprehensive list of retail stores in the US so you can see which stores will know about Cellar62 and which retailers might be a good fit for your wines.

If a winery wants to contact the wine buyer at any retailer directly, Cellar62 will provide the contact information to the winery upon request.

Features and benefits

Benefits for European wineries and regions
Benefits for US retailers


Special offer


per wine producer
annual renewal fee €1.995
  • 1st year Participation in Cellar62 platform
  • Full access to described features and benefits


per wine producer
6.300 next 2-year renewal fee €3.790
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd year participation in Cellar62 platform
  • Full access to described features and benefits

All prices are subject to VAT if applicable.

National or regional wine marketing organizations interested in promoting their local wine regions or wineries in the US, please contact us at .

Our services compared

MyOnlineFair Range.me Cellar62
Showcase wines to US market
Winery information
Filter wines by country, region, price, grape, etc.
Product pages
Unlimited product listings *
Wine region page and grapes variety content *
Online Meeting arrangement
Open communication seller to buyer
Open communication buyer to seller
Customize wine page with essential information
Customize winery information with extra relevant information *
Request wine samples
Wine samples preparation and shipment *
Accessible from any device
Track leads
Track online engagement
Ability to track offline engagement on the retailer shelf *
Client success manager
Notify buyers of new products with interest match
Transparent pricing
Downloadable Catalogs
Access to industry content
Access to exclusive webinars
Access to regulations in US control states
Access to regulations in US franchise states *
Direct sales to US wholesalers
Access to US import services at a flat fee *
Private label and brand creation *
Exclusive community discussion area
Access to marketing resources for US market *
Access to strategy for success with US market expert
Access to specialized international law firm with offices in the EU and the US *

The services marked with * are subject to extra fees.

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Cellar62 complements the import services of Quality Brand Imports.

Learn more with the free webinar series promoted by QBI and our partners on various topics about the import, sales, and marketing of European wines in the US market. Webinar Series

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