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We connect U.S. Retailers and Wine Producers Directly, Worldwide

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To connect Retailers and Producers

The Cellar62 vision

Cellar62 is a professional B2B platform connecting U.S. retailers with European and global wine producers. It enables direct, year-round communication for selling wines and offers cost-effective visibility along with flat-fee U.S. importer access. By fostering growth and transparent collaboration, Cellar62 system addresses the evolving needs of the wine industry.

Retailers / Buyers

Retailers get access to a wide selection of wines at the best possible prices, with shipping and customs cleared at the closest U.S. port to facilitate business consideration.

Wineries / Producers

Wine producers gain numerous benefits from Cellar62, enabling them to efficiently connect with retailers and expand their reach in the U.S. market.

“Cellar 62 is an innovative wine fair that’s open year-round, offering enhanced benefits.”
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