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Welcome to Cellar62 FOR RETAILERS

We help U.S. retailers to connect directly with European and Global wines brands

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What is Cellar62?

Cellar62 is a B2B platform that helps United States retailers to discover, connect and engage directly and faster with winemakers abroad for free.

Think of a wine fair open 365 days a year, but better!

Cellar62 allows U.S. retailers to find wines from all over the world at the very best prices possible at prices delivered to U.S. ports, customs cleared.

Retailers can choose the wholesaler of their choice to negotiate their final, delivered price – either to their central warehouse or their retail locations, based on state regulations.

Retailers can select from the entire selection of wines offered by wineries. Everything is customizable, from label to bottle to the type of closure on the bottle.

Our System flow

We have a unique approach that facilities direct relationships between retailers and wineries.

Opportunity to sell imported wine at better prices

Business facilitated
Wine fair evolution, retail buyers can search, request samples and reach out directly to wineries anytime, all year. Request specific wine categories from participating wine brands, Cellar62 will match with the most suitable producers.

Direct communication
Communicate and discuss opportunities for your business directly with wineries including private label options.

Modern tools to promote and track customer engagement
Access to innovative sites for any wine carried by retailers in the U.S. market, accessible via QR code to consumers.

Transparent pricing process
Prices are displayed in DDP US port, easy to negotiate with your Distributor of choice.

Producer Merchant Distributor

Access to new opportunities to connect directly with U.S. Retailers and significantly scale your sales.