Cellar 62 started when Ewan D’Arcy and Albert Binnekade met at a jam session in Mayrhofen, Tyrol, Austria. With a healthy amount of beers in their bellies, playing some random jams, they seemed to like what they where doing, and the beginning of Cellar 62 was there. After that night, they set up a drum kit and a guitar amp in the beer cellar of the Gasthof Zillertal and started writing their own songs. Not long after, Brian Wolfe joined the band, Cellar 62 was complete. The boys, all from different parts of the world (Scotland, USA and the Netherlands) came to Mayrhofen from a love of snowboarding. With a sound heavily influenced by late 80s and 90s rock they released their first EP Album called ‘Something Real’ at the end of 2016.