Phew, those were a hectic last few weeks of 2016…  I guess we’ll never really know why it sounded like a genius idea to host an album launch party a few hours before Christmas kicked off, but we went ahead and did it anyway!

Amidst the usual pre-Christmas craziness, we were busily dealing with organising the event and that came along with all the problems one could normally expect. Would the CD’s be ready in time, would the t-shirts arrive, would the support act turn up, would the flyers look ok, would anyone turn up?

As the date came closer, the event started to ‘grow arms and legs’ and video premieres joined the nights itenary, the venue built a stage and people started showing some interest. The posters got printed, flyers got posted and handed out and things were looking good!

The night started with an unexpected guest in the form of the boss of the T-Shirt company, who drove down from Germany to hand-deliver the freshly printed shirts and stay for the show! It was on!

A small crowd during the video premieres started growing and by the time our friends and support act for the evening, Sempre Caoz, took to the stage, there was a good sized bunch of folks up for a party!

The Sempre guys were unfortunately minus a drummer, but were up for entertaining the people anyways, and would have made a good job of it… But then our very own drum beating machine, Albert, stepped in and provided some nice rhythms completely ad lib! Everyone loved it and it was the perfect start to the music of the night!

Tunes before, between and after the bands were provided by the ever-gentlemanly DJ Goodstuff, who I’m led to believe, is now playing Friday nights in Gasthof Zillertal!

When it came to our turn to flick on the switches on our amps and grab plectrums and drum sticks, everyone gave us the sort of reception we could only have really hoped for! Best gig yet? I dunno, but it was definitely up there from enjoyment and audience participation!

Major thanks go to all those who have helped, supported and generally put up with us during the making of the album. Too many names to mention, but you all know who you are!

The album is available now on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

There are also still a limited supply of CDs and shirts available, just contact us!