First off, we will will play The Interior Plain Project movie as planned. But we actually have two local projects to show you before Sempre Caoz kick off the live music! Right after the IPP movie we will play ‘ÄSMOSPHERE’ and ‘Tell  Ä Vision Go UP North’ by Wolfgang Nyvelt and Andreas Monsberger:

The Interior Plain Project – SHAPESHFTR

Snowboarding was born and it came to us with no rules, no expectations, no industry, just an act. Over time these things have been instilled in us to varying degrees but to what end? Our focus is on the act and allowing the pilots to exhibit their own style and line. This movie is captured by a vast group of talented contributors and is an evolution of the pilots’ point of view from a season of snowboarding on their own terms and the perspectives. The Interior Plain Project is a Midwest based snowboard brand that takes its own line. 5 years in board production, 5 different collections, a team of talented pilots and contributors has landed us in this seasons’ ShapeShifter collection and full length movie. Enjoy.


AUT 2016 / 14 min. / German
With: Wolfgang Nyvelt

Exceptional snowboarder Wolfgang “Wolle” Nyvelt already earned the big titles of international snowboard magazines in the 90s. Eight years ago, his passion for the sports of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing inspired him  to experiment with snowboards without bindings. The idea for the ÄSMO Powsurfer was born.
In the search for the perfect shape for these boards he got together with his partner Stefan Gruber, and forged great bindingless powder snowboards. Like this, the close relationship and common history of the three board sports are revealed. Andreas Monsberger, himself an Ästhetiker from the start, and long-time friend of Wolle, illustrates the history of the Ästhetiker Shape Movement (ÄSMO) and reveals exciting insights into this creative interpretation of sliding in the snow, in his film.

Idea: Wolfgang Nyvelt and Andreas Monsberger
Production: MONEPIC
Camera / Editing / Photos: Andreas Monsberger
Other recordings: Boris Benedek, Eric Brandt, Scott Sullivan, Mauro Castellani
Venues: Austria / Zillertal, Switzerland, Italy and others


Tell  Ä Vision Go UP North

The story is about Steve Gruber, Wolle Nyvelt, Bernd Egger and Andreas Monsberger. They jumped in a camper van and drove all the way up to Norway. The Mission was to go skate, surf and snowboard on the journey and the first destination was ‘Hodevik’, where they scored the first waves and then continued their trip passing the Polar circle and going further north to finally arrive at Lofoten Island, where they scored some more waves in a spot called Udstadt. The snow conditions weren’t very good, but a long hike it paid off and they finally reached some snow. After a little Quarter Pipe session on the way with some BS Airs and so on, they hiked up further to one of the peaks with a 360 Sea view, which was epic! At the end of the Journey was the highlight, where they crossed over to Sweden to take part in the ’20 Years King of the Hill’ Anniversary, where a lot of snowboard Legends gathered to celebrate, where 20 years ago, Ingmar Backmann did his huge BS Air! But, long story short, just watch the movie and enjoy!